Debit & ATM Cards

Report your Debit or ATM Card as Lost or Stolen by:

  • Logging in to Online Banking, and selecting your card from the "Card Management" card on your dashboard. Selecting "Report lost/stolen" then selecting the reason, "lost" or "stolen" and clicking "Report".  You will receive a confirmation screen that the card has been blocked and can no longer be used.
  • Calling (978) 686-9100 during normal business hours and asking for our Deposit Operations Department.
  • Calling (888) 297-3416.

If you would like to change your ATM or Debit Card PIN
call (888) 891-2435 or visit any Northmark Bank ATM or branch.

New Card Fraud Alert System!

We've enhanced our Card Fraud Alert System to provide you with more capabilities to customize the alerts you receive regarding card transactions.  You can even choose to block transactions!  Our system allows you to enroll your debit or ATM card through Online Banking and choose to receive alerts via text message, email or an in-app message.  Simply log into Online Banking and select your card from the "Card Management" card on your dashboard.  You have the option of locking your card as well as setting up Alerts and Protection.  By clicking "Alerts and Protection: you can manage what alerts you receive and how you receive them.

If the activity is legitimate, just ignore the alert. If the activity is not legitimate, reply to the message with a code you'll receive. Your reply will notify us of the fraudulent transactions

Enhanced Fraud Center Monitoring

We have updated our debit card fraud monitoring and notification system to help identify and prevent possible fraudulent transactions attempted with your Debit Card.

This new system will work in two ways:

  1. If potential fraud is suspected using your Debit Card you will receive a text alert. You will have the option to reply “fraud” or “no fraud”.
  2. If no response is received within five minutes after the text you will receive an automated call. You will need to either confirm or deny the fraud.
  3. You may receive a second round of automated calls if you have not confirmed or denied the fraud. 

This system works best when we have accurate email addresses and cell phone numbers. Please contact your Banker at 978-686-9100 or 781-721-9100 to update your information.

Learn More About Your New Chip-Enabled Debit Card

Your new chip-enabled debit card adds improved security and fraud protection with an embedded computer chip. This technology is already securing payment cards in more than 80 countries and is now being adopted as the card standard in the U.S.

Merchants are installing new payment terminals that support the new chip cards. When making a purchase with your chip card in a new terminal, you will insert or “dip” your card into the terminal slot and briefly hold it there until the card is verified with Northmark Bank. Depending upon the merchant, you may be required to enter your card's PIN or sign for transactions. Your card will also work on old-style payment terminals that don’t use the new technology.

Please note that certain retailers are not ready to accept chip cards. If you visit a retailer who is not ready for chip technology or if your card is declined when using a chip reader, just swipe your card as you normally would.

Debit Cards

Our MasterCard® debit cards have the convenience of a credit card but work like a check. Your purchase is electronically verified and automatically deducted from your checking account, just like a check. You can use your debit card anywhere in the United States where you see the familiar MasterCard symbol. You can also use your debit card at any United States ATM displaying the MasterCard®. NYCE® or Cirrus® symbol.

ATM Cards

Northmark Bank ATM cards work at any United States ATM displaying the NYCE® or Cirrus® symbol.

Surcharge Free Withdrawals

Northmark Bank participates in the SUM® program which allows surcharge-free withdrawals at ATMs bearing the SUM® logo. Click on the SUM® logo below to locate the SUM® ATM nearest you.

NYCE Shared Deposit Program

Northmark Bank participates in the NYCE® Shared Deposit Program which allows deposit transactions at any ATM bearing the NYCE® Shared Deposits logo. Click on the NYCE® Shared Deposit logo below to locate the Shared Deposit ATM nearest you. When you get to the NYCE website, make sure you check the box that says "Shared Deposit ATMs."

International Use

Northmark Bank Debit and ATM cards do not work at merchants or ATMs located outside the United States or when making purchases from websites based outside the United States. Please call your Banker to discuss alternative ways to accommodate your international use needs.