Guardian Alert Service

Northmark Bank's Guardian Alert Service allows you to enroll your debit and ATM cards and receive text alerts on your mobile device when your card activity exceeds certain thresholds.

If the activity is legitimate, just ignore the text message. If the activity is not legitimate, reply to the message with a code you'll receive. Your reply will notify us of the fraudulent transactions.

Guardian Alert Service will send a text alert whenever:

  • A transaction of $300 or more is authorized
  • A transaction is performed when your card is not present (i.e. an online transaction)
  • A transaction is declined
  • Six or more transactions are performed in a 24-hour period.

The following is a sample alert sent by Guardian Alert Service:

While your wireless carrier may impose message and data rates on text messages, Northmark Bank does not charge for this service. 

If you'd like to take advantage of this service, click on the "Enroll Now" link below and follow these steps:

  1. On the Guardian Alert Service login page, enter in your full card number.
  2. On the next screen, you will be asked to supply certain information for verification purpose, such as last 4 of your social security number and your zip code.
  3. You will next be prompted to accept the Guardian Terms and Conditions.
  4. Click on the Devices tab and enter in your cell phone number.
  5. You will be prompted to text a message to 275-76, to complete the enrollment. The message will begin with “START” and contain a unique code. For example: “START CW5EIV”. Once this has been completed, you'll receive a confirmation text message and the device will start receiving alerts.

Click Here to Enroll Now

Guardian Alert Service FAQs:

What is Guardian Alert Service?

Guardian Alert Service is a service allowing cardholders the ability to receive and respond to text alerts sent to their cell phone for certain transactions conducted using their Northmark Bank debit or ATM Card.

Is there a cost for this service?

The optional Guardian Alert Service is available to all debit and ATM cardholders at no additional charge; however, your wireless provider may impose standard message and data rates. Please contact your wireless provider for details.

How often will I receive Guardian alerts?

The frequency of the alerts depends on your card use. You will receive an alert each time one of the following occurs:

  • A transaction of $300 or more is authorized
  • A transaction is performed when your card is not present (i.e. an online transaction)
  • A transaction is declined
  • Six or more transactions are performed in a 24-hour period.

How can I identify a Guardian Alert Service text alert?

Text alerts from the Guardian Alert Service will:

  • be received from 275-76 
  • start with "NMARK Guardian Alert on card xxxx" (last four digits of your card number)
  • contain the Merchant name or ATM location
  • typically provide the transaction amount or number of transactions
  • include an alpha/numeric code that you will use in your reply if the transaction is unauthorized. For example: "Reply C6J1UINO if unauthorized."

How is this different from the Fraud Center Alerts I currently receive?

In addition to the optional Guardian Alert Service Northmark Bank utilizes a separate card fraud monitoring service called Fraud Center for all of our debit and ATM cardholder transactions. Fraud Center carefully reviews card activity and fraud trends in an attempt to identify fraudulent transactions as quickly as possible. If a transaction is deemed high risk you may be contacted by Fraud Center in addition to a text alert you received from Guardian Alert Service. While Guardian Alert Service will only restrict your card activity if you confirm a transaction is fraudulent, Fraud Center may proactively restrict card activity in addition to trying to reach you by text message or email if the activity is consistent with current fraud trends.

How many devices may I enroll to receive text messages?

You may enroll two (2) different devices to receive text messages.

Are there security features in place to protect card information sent by text message?

Text alerts will contain the last 4 digits of your card number and certain transaction-specific information. The alerts will not contain any other sensitive information about you or your account(s).

What happens if I don’t reply to a text?

Nothing. If no fraud response is received from you, the message will time out after twelve hours and your card will remain active.

What do I do if a transaction is valid?

Nothing, simply ignore the text. No reply from you tells the system that the transaction is authorized.

What happens if I respond to the text indicating that the transaction is fraudulent?

Fraudulent transaction confirmations are promptly reviewed. Future transactions on your card will be restricted as soon as possible. You will receive a confirmation text message, noting the card has been blocked. Our Electronic Banking Department will order a new card for you.

What happens if I respond to a text with an incorrect code?

You must respond with the correct code, in order for the system to recognize that the transaction is fraud. If you text anything different such as “Yes this is fraud” or “Not my transaction” the system will not recognize the text and will ignore it.

How long do I have to respond to an alert?

When an initial text is sent from Guardian Alert Service, the system allows the cardholder up to 12 hours to respond to the message. If no response is received the alert will time out.

What if I don't want to receive alerts during certain time periods?

You can enable the “Do Not Disturb” option for time periods when you do not want to receive alerts. The text will be sent when the time period is over. To set a Do Not Disturb time frame:

  • Click here to visit the Guardian Alert Service website
  • Sign in using your card number
  • Click on the Preferences tab, then select Edit Preferences
  • Select your time zone and the time range you’d prefer not to receive messages (up to 12 hours)
  • Click Submit

How do I stop receiving Guardian alerts?

You may use any of the following methods to unsubscribe from Guardian alerts:

  • Click here to login to the Guardian Alert Service site; select the Devices tab; click Delete next to the device(s)/phone number(s) you wish to unsubscribe;
  • Reply with the word STOP to any Guardian text message alert from the device(s)/phone number(s) you wish to unsubscribe; or
  • Send the word STOP to 27576 from the device(s)/phone number(s) you wish to unsubscribe.

How will I know when my enrollment is expiring?

Cards will be enrolled for one year. Every year, a renewal notice will be sent to the mobile device (cell phone) six days prior to the anniversary of your enrollment. Respond to the message as indicated to continue your service for another year. Three renewal reminders will be made prior to when the device is set to expire. If you do not respond, the device will be removed from Guardian Alert Service on the expiration date.

Note that certain mobile service providers (currently Sprint, Nextel, Boost and Virgin) require that we send a 30-day subscription reminder message to cardholders participating in the Guardian Alert Service. If you use one of these mobile service providers, you will receive an alert message every 30 days reminding you of your subscription.

Can I text help for assistance?

Yes, you may reply HELP to an alert for assistance or text HELP to 275-76.

Who can assist me with questions concerning the Guardian Alert Service?

You may contact our Electronic Banking Department at (978) 686-9100 or (781) 721-9100. You may also call Guardian customer service at (888) 868-8611.